A unique composite material which is installed on the faces of the house. Stucco is a modern concept which offers various levels of customizabilty and many different molding combinations. Preview our gallery below or contact us to see the many styles of stucco !

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 With a variety of colors and designs, it is fully customizable to your unique preferences.

Stucco is essentially a molded concrete layer on the face over your house. The concrete layer is very efficient; it conserves energy by keeping warmth in during the winter months and keeping it in cool in during the summers. Stucco is also not very flammable which may preserve the foundation of your house in unfortunate circumstances.


Gushi Construction wants to help build your dream home to your specifications. We also gladly provide our personal insight on modern & classical styles. 

Before & After on a Major Stucco Project 

This customer had their entire house renovated by our company, with the other restorations in progress, the completed stucco job illuminates the house. The before and after shot of the project shows the magnitude of change!

Stucco & Brick Combo

This beutiful composition of modern grey stucco and multicolored red bricks truly reinvents the face of the house.