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Gushi Construction stands out among masonry contractors in New York for its expertise and dedication to excellence. Since 1993, we have been transforming homes and commercial spaces with superior masonry services, making us a trusted name in the industry.

What Sets Our Roof Repairs Apart

At Gushi Construction, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality residential roof repair services. Our team consists of experienced and certified roof repair specialists who are dedicated to delivering exceptional results. We utilize high-quality materials and advanced techniques to ensure the longevity and durability of your roof.

About Us

Gushi Construction, founded by Shahbaz Ahmed, has over 25 years of experience delivering top-notch masonry and renovation services. We have completed hundreds of projects, large and small, with a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Our Services


Our brickwork services include precise bricklaying, expert brick pointing, and meticulous brick aligning. Whether you need a new brick wall or repair of an existing one, our skilled masonry contractors in NYC ensure flawless execution and long-lasting results.

Stone Masonry

Gushi Construction specializes in stone wall construction, stone veneer installation, and custom stonework. Our team creates stunning stone features that enhance the beauty and value of any property, combining aesthetic appeal with structural integrity.

Concrete Work

We offer comprehensive concrete services, including concrete pouring for foundations and slabs, concrete repair for damaged structures, and decorative concrete to add unique design elements to your space. Our expertise ensures durable and visually appealing concrete projects.

Paving and Patios

Our paving and patio services cover the design and installation of paving stones, walkways, and patios. We create outdoor spaces that are both functional and beautiful, perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying the outdoors.

Residential and Commercial Projects

At Gushi Construction, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality masonry services for both residential and commercial projects. Our extensive experience and expertise enable us to handle a diverse range of projects, ensuring exceptional results that meet the unique needs of each client.

Residential Services

Gushi Construction specializes in a wide array of residential projects. Our goal is to transform your home with minimal hassle and maximum satisfaction.

Complete Home Renovations

We offer comprehensive home renovation services that cover everything from minor upgrades to major overhauls. Whether it’s updating a kitchen, remodeling a bathroom, or creating an open-concept living space, we ensure high-quality craftsmanship.

New Constructions

Building your dream home from the ground up is a complex task that requires expert planning and execution. At Gushi Construction, we manage every aspect of new construction projects, from initial design to final completion.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Enhance your outdoor living experience with our expertly designed and constructed outdoor spaces. We specialize in creating patios, decks, outdoor kitchens, and more. Our masonry contractors are skilled in using a variety of materials, including stone, brick, and concrete.

Custom Masonry Features

Add unique and personalized touches to your home with custom masonry features. From elegant fireplaces and stone walls to intricate pathways and garden structures, our team can create bespoke masonry elements that reflect your style and preferences.

Commercial Services

Gushi Construction is also a leading provider of commercial masonry services. We understand the specific requirements of commercial projects and deliver high-quality work that meets the needs of various businesses and public institutions.

Office Buildings

We provide masonry services for the construction and renovation of office buildings. From exterior facades to interior walls and flooring, we use the best materials and techniques to create professional and welcoming office environments.

Retail Spaces

Creating attractive and functional retail spaces is crucial for the success of any business. At Gushi Construction, we offer masonry services for retail stores, shopping centers, and boutiques. Our team works to design and construct retail spaces that enhance the shopping experience, attract customers, and support business growth.

Public Infrastructure

Gushi Construction also works on public infrastructure projects, providing masonry services for schools, hospitals, government buildings, and other public facilities. Our masonry work contributes to the usability of public structures, benefiting the community at large.

Specialized Commercial Projects

In addition to standard commercial projects, we also handle specialized masonry work for unique commercial needs. This includes the construction of industrial facilities, warehouses, and specialized commercial structures.

Design-Build and Value Engineering

The design-build process at Gushi Construction streamlines project delivery by integrating design and construction services. This approach fosters collaboration, reduces costs, and ensures timely project completion. Through value engineering, we optimize project efficiency, delivering high-quality results while staying within budget.

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Why Choose Us

Quality and Expertise:

Gushi Construction is known for its exceptional quality and expertise in masonry work. Our team of skilled professionals brings decades of experience to every project, ensuring that we meet and exceed industry standards.

Customer Service

Our commitment to outstanding customer service sets us apart from other masonry contractors near you. We prioritize client satisfaction, providing personalized attention and support throughout the entire project cycle.

Experienced Team

Our team comprises highly experienced and dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do. With a focus on teamwork, collaboration, and communication, we deliver our best work on every project.

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Ready to transform your space with expert masonry services? Contact Gushi Construction today to schedule a free consultation. Our team is eager to discuss your project and provide a detailed estimate.


A: We specialize in brickwork, stone masonry, concrete work, and paving and patios. Our services include bricklaying, stone wall construction, concrete pouring, and more.
A: Yes, we provide both residential and commercial masonry services. Whether you need home renovations or commercial building construction, we have the expertise to handle it.
A: The design-build process integrates design and construction services, allowing for seamless project execution, cost savings, and efficient timelines.
A: Value engineering optimizes project efficiency by identifying cost-saving opportunities without compromising on quality, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.
A: To schedule a free consultation, simply contact us via phone or email. Our team will be happy to discuss your project and provide a detailed estimate.
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