Your old bricks have gone through many storms and have absorbed alot of sediments and gunk. Give your bricks a proper clean to restore their shine to what they once used to be. Power washing will not only restore your bricks but will also clean any dirty contaminants that may be rotting away within the mortar of your bricks. View our gallery to witness the difference! 

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Make your old and weatherd bricks shine and sparkle !

Power washing uses a gas powered motor to provide a large force of pressured water through a hose. The force is strong enough to carry large sediments and contaminants with the flow of water. A strong industrial detergent is applied to the face of the bricks to thoroughly clean the bricks and restore it’s original shine.


Gushi Construction wants to help build your dream home to your specifications. We also gladly provide our personal insight on modern & classical styles. 

Power Wash Preparation

A special industrial detergent is prepared and spread out over the bricks to make the wall shine !

The Miracle of Powerwashing

The face of a house treated with a powerwash versus one that is still pending!