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With a track record of satisfying over a thousand delighted customers, Gushi Construction stands out for its exceptional customer service. Our primary goal is to transform your envisioned project into a remarkable reality, ensuring a seamless experience.
Explore our comprehensive range of home renovation services, backed by a team of qualified and skilled craftsmen dedicated to specific project types. Benefit from our extensive experience, evident in the precision of every completed job.
At Gushi Construction, we specialize in addressing all your renovation needs. Whether it’s constructing new steps, sidewalks, structures, or applying a new roof, our team has you covered. Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your property with our elegant and modern styling options available across all our products and services.
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We are a Construction company specializing in various sorts of home renovations. Our top goal is to provide you, the best service possible to make your dream home a reality.
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Gushi Construction was started in 1993 by Shahbaz Ahmed on the basis to provide exceptional renovation service to homeowners. In 25 years we have completed many different projects no matter how big or small; and throughout each project every customer is served with the same exceptional service. We value every customer so no project is too big or too small, our company will gladly quote you with a free estimate for every project. The perfect home renovation is waiting, Call Today !

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Concrete Repavement

Concrete is important to the average landowner because it may involve public use. Cracks in the sidewalk lead to quick breakdown of existing concrete which can lead to violations from the DOB. Already have an existing violation? Don’t worry our professional service will help eliminate those violations. View our gallery below to see the impressive concrete work we offer !


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Gushi Construction has been specializing in Masonry projects for the last 25 years. Masonry specialties include brick pointing, brick laying and brick aligning. These extend to creating new steps, changing the face of your house or creating new structural walls. Preview our gallery below to experience the magic of masonry.


Tired of your roof constantly leaking in the smallest occurence of rain? Look through our gallery and you’ll see a great display of professional roof installations. We renovate and repair all types of roofs with all types of materials to ensure longevity for your property.ations. We renovate and repair all types of roofs with all types of materials to ensure longevity for your property.


A unique composite material which is installed on the faces of the house. Stucco is a modern concept which offers various levels of customizabilty and many different molding combinations. Preview our gallery below or contact us to see the many styles of stucco !

Power Washing

Your old bricks have gone through many storms and have absorbed alot of sediments and gunk. Give your bricks a proper clean to restore their shine to what they once used to be. Power washing will not only restore your bricks but will also clean any dirty contaminants that may be rotting away within the mortar of your bricks. View our gallery to witness the difference!

Our industry is critical to how cities evolve, so as a business we have a responsibility to consider the impact of everything we build.

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Gushi Constructions offers exceptional floor renovation services with a knowledgeable and professional team that exceeds client expectations. They provide valuable insights, complete projects within the agreed timeframe, and deliver impressive quality work. Highly recommended!

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At Gushi Constructions, you will work with people who share your passion for solving challenging problems and making a difference.

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