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More than builders, we’re your partners in crafting modern, pristine living spaces, radiating your style down to every little detail!

Our Capabilities

Concrete is important to the average landowner because it may involve public use. Cracks in the sidewalk lead to quick breakdown of existing concrete which can lead to violations from the DOB. Already have an existing violation? Don’t worry our professional service will help eliminate those violations. View our gallery below to see the impressive concrete work we offer !
Need to get the sidewalk of your property replaced? Think pavers as a decorative alternative to make your house stand out! With over a thousand different design layouts and color combinations , pavers can be installed to match your personal liking. Set your patio apart during your annual BBQ with beautiful pavers!

Gushi Construction has been specializing in Masonry projects for the last 25 years. Masonry specialties include brick pointing, brick laying and brick aligning. These extend to creating new steps, changing the face of your house or creating new structural walls. Preview our gallery below to experience the magic of masonry.

Tired of your roof constantly leaking in the smallest occurence of rain? Look through our gallery and you’ll see a great display of professional roof installations. We renovate and repair all types of roofs with all types of materials to ensure longevity for your property.ations. We renovate and repair all types of roofs with all types of materials to ensure longevity for your property.
A unique composite material which is installed on the faces of the house. Stucco is a modern concept which offers various levels of customizabilty and many different molding combinations. Preview our gallery below or contact us to see the many styles of stucco !
Your old bricks have gone through many storms and have absorbed alot of sediments and gunk. Give your bricks a proper clean to restore their shine to what they once used to be. Power washing will not only restore your bricks but will also clean any dirty contaminants that may be rotting away within the mortar of your bricks. View our gallery to witness the difference!

Technology drives our business

We offer and specialize in a broad range of home renovations, such as Masonry, Roofing, Pavers, Concrete Work and Power washing!
Our experienced tradesmen have been crafting and renovating houses for the past 25 years! Every specialty requires a specific craftsman for the required intricate task, and Gushi Construction has a quantity of experienced tradesmen for each task. We strive to provide a hassle-free experience for you, so we try to perfect our work the first time.

Remove DOB Violations

Don't let DOB violations hinder your construction endeavors. We promise a compliant and successful construction journey in New York.

DOB Violation Assessment

We conduct a thorough analysis of your current DOB violations, identifying the root causes and formulating a strategic plan for resolution.

Customized Solutions

Our team tailors solutions to address your unique situation, ensuring a comprehensive and effective approach to clearing DOB violations promptly.

Expedited Resolution

We prioritize efficiency to accelerate the resolution process, minimizing downtime for your construction projects.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay on the right side of regulations with our assistance in ensuring your projects adhere to the latest DOB guidelines.

Expert Consultation

Rely on our knowledgeable experts to provide guidance on navigating the intricacies of DOB regulations, keeping you well-informed throughout the process.

Preventive Measures

Beyond resolution, we offer advice on proactive measures to prevent future DOB violations, safeguarding your projects from unnecessary disruptions.
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