Need to get the sidewalk of your property replaced? Think pavers as a decorative alternative to make your house stand out! With over a thousand different design layouts and color combinations , pavers can be installed to match your personal liking. Set your patio apart during your annual BBQ with beautiful pavers!

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Make your property standout with a unique Pavers design layout!

Pavers layouts can be fully customized to suit your likings. The pavers are ordered in a straight line fashion, but with unique designs the pavers are cut to create specific shapes. Pavers are a durable design from the alternative and traditional concrete sidewalks. Our special pavers are chosen specifically for your property and treated to be weather resistant for long lasting durability.


Gushi Construction wants to help build your dream home to your specifications. We also gladly provide our personal insight on modern & classical styles. 

Before and After of Pavers Installation

A very deconstructed concrete driveway is installed with a gorgeous red and gray paver layouts. Large grey circles are also specially constructed for the customer to add a special look to their driveway.

Modern Pavers Layout

A gorgeous layout of multicolored grey pavers spread out through a customer’s backyard. The entirety of grey pavers is considered a modern design and blends well with the customer’s backyard.