Concrete is important to the average landowner because it may involve public use. Cracks in the sidewalk lead to quick breakdown of existing concrete which can lead to violations from the DOB. Already have an existing violation? Don’t worry, our professional service will help eliminate those violations. View our gallery below to see the impressive concrete work we offer ! 

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Concrete projects are essential to any property because they may be a shared public space. We help eliminate any DOB violations you may have to this regard.  

Typical Concrete works require excavation of the old concrete, proper disposal of the excavated concrete, followed by the addition of new concrete. Concrete type varies on the height of the sidewalk which adjusts the pressure, so the dimensions of concrete vary from project to project. Traditional concrete is our most popular concrete request but many types of stamped concrete services are also done.


Gushi Construction wants to help build your dream home to your specifications. We also gladly provide our personal insight on modern & classical styles. 

Traditonal Concrete

Newly imprinted concrete which is set to dry. This is the traditional layout for concrete sidewalk, and the most requested.

Stamped Concrete

This is an example of decorative concrete which is installed infront of a high rise building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A very unique look to distinguish your property from the rest of the block.